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Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Morning Chaos

7:00: Email colleagues about going to lunch at 12:30. Hey, I worked out this morning, and I am already starving. 

7:50 AM: Where are my school keys? Has anyone seen my school keys? Why can't I find my keys anywhere?

8:10: I decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast, something I never do. Run into another teacher and a student who was recently sent to the alternative school. Listen as he tries to lie to me, then nail him for it. 

8:15: Seriously, who drives 55 MPH on a Texas highway? I would honk, but that gets people shot around here. 

8:25: I have an email telling me I need to come sign paperwork in the teacher's lounge. I am supposed to be on duty. I am already late. 

8:26: There is a parent in the office waiting to talk to me about grades for her student. Um, ain't nobody got time for that on the LAST DAY! 

8:27: Sign paperwork for my class, the long-term sub class, and for ESL. Grab a donut on the way out. Man, I am really hungry. 

8:30: Tell my AP that I have to go back to the ESL department at 11 to pick up paperwork I dropped off yesterday that we did not do correctly. 

8:37: Why, no, I was not aware that grades had to be finished today because our data clerk will not be here tomorrow. 

8:45: I need to pee! Another teacher stops me on my way because help is needed in another hallway. I run to the other hallway, yelling at students, wondering where all the teachers from that hallway actually are. 

8:50: Finally make it to the urination station. 

8:55: First test of the day. Kids are mad because I am not making big emotional goodbyes. Nine months is over. Time to put these babies up for adoption. 

9:14: Phone call from another teacher asking if a student in my class has her science project that was due last week. 

9:20: Delivery from another teacher. Other teacher needs a delivery sent back. 

9:24: AP stops by to sign paperwork for my end of year checkout. 

9:32: Message from another teacher asking if my former student teacher is certified and able to cover maternity leave next year. 

9:37: Is is really only 9:37?

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