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Monday, September 22, 2014

Reading is...

As I have been dealing with issues getting my Scholastic READ 180 class off the ground, I have had to improvise and fill time. My focus has been giving my new class the foundations of the program, while building a new classroom community. 

Last week, I had my kids work collaboratively to write poems expressing their thoughts about reading. I revised an AVID poem called "Friendship is..." to "Reading is...". I have to admit that I truly love the honesty that comes from the mouths of middle schoolers. 

The writing needs work, and I am not sure what some of this means, but they definitely had fun during the process. 


  1. Great starting point. I'm not sure what your class is exactly but I believe I am starting one soon that is similar. I usually start off with reading roadblocks but I like your posters better! Thanks!

    1. This is a reading intervention class created by Scholastic. The goal is to improve overall reading levels and comprehension. Many of my students in this class are far below grade level. We have other intervention classes that are geared more toward our state standards and testing. Right now, this is a pilot for us to see what works for which students.