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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explain what makes you angry and why

When working with writing prompts, I work hard to come up with those that I know my students will be able to write about without any whining involved. Ok, there is still whining, but maybe a bit less. One of today's writing choices is to write about something that makes you angry, and I am sharing some of their statements for no other reason than entertainment. Keep in mind that I teach eighth graders at an incredibly diverse school. These are directly from my kids:

    Image result for donald trump
  • Donald Trump and his supporters make me angry but I mean who doesn't dislike him
  • Anger describes me. [This was written by one of the quietest and sweetest students I have in class.]
  • In my house with teen or preteen girls, there are many moodswings..., especially for my older sister. 
  • Another thing that makes me angry is when people say the movie was better than the book...but they haven't read the book. 
  • One thing that makes angry is when people don't close their mouths when they eat and when they smack the food in their mouths. 
  • Another thing that makes me angry is when your class mates ask to borrow your pencil, and you give them one of your best ones and they don't give it back at the end of the class. Then the next day you ask for it politely and they say they lost it. [I gave him a handful of pencils because it's my class that this happens in regularly.
  • Ms. Foti makes me mad because she watches me too much. I can not get away with anything when I am around her, like for example right now...

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