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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Exploring our futures through our head, heart, hands, and feet (Part 2)

The next piece I added was for my students to create their own children's books, telling the stories of their futures. We started by visualizing open-ended possibilities. I put some meditation music on, we sat on the floor, we closed our eyes, and I guided my kids to think of what they would be doing if no one was placing any restrictions on them.  
I honestly had no idea what to expect at this point. I gave my classes the option of creating their books by hand or by computer program and incorporating the elements of head, heart, hands, and feet. Other than that, I did not provide too many guidelines in an effort to increase creativity. But I was concerned. What would the kids produce? Would it be anything of quality? Would they even understand how to put a children's book together based on events that have not yet happened? I am proud to report that  

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Here are some excerpts from the best of the best that I received. This is a small sample, and after discussions with many more students today, I will be putting together a slideshow that includes many more. 


wanted to practice her ideas. She would get her fake 
surgeons' materials out and pretend to treat her patients, which 
would be her stuffed animals. She was happy when she thought 
that they were satisfied with the way they looked. 
for sure that she wanted to help people for the rest of her life. 
For most of her childhood, 
continued to practice being a 
surgeon on her stuffed animals and 
other toys. She pretended to make 
incisions in their bodies and did 
numerous other things she thought 
would also work on her future human 

When she was in school, she had a lot of homework to do. Sometimes, she didn't want to 
do it, but she knew in order for people to know about "Dr. 
DVM", she had to do 
nell in school. The most o 
s student reputation was built in junior high. She was 
nominated for many academic achievements and received many awards at the end of the 
school years. However, she could not have achieved any of her accomplishments without the 
nelp of her teachers. Because of them, she was able to learn many different things. She 
Decame fond of study ng because she became engaged in learning. 
idn't wait until vet school to learn about vet med. When she had free time, she 
Nouffstudy physiology, anatomy, virology, and pathology. By the time she got to veterinary 
school, she was well prepared. There was a girl named 
She was born on April 21, 2003 and had a 
passion for doodling, dancing, being 
active, and spending time with her siblings 
and family. She would always karaoke and 
dance together with her two brothers 
which made her feel special for being the 
only sister around. Whenever she would 
go to places, she would always bring her 
bear, Brownie which she loved and took 
care of ever since she was born. She had a 
pretty fun and good childhood, but she 
knew the bad things will occur soon...

I teach both seventh and eighth grade students, and due to my move to AVID mid-year, I have been teaching the same lessons to both. I will have about thirty carry-over students next year, so between now and then, I need to determine how I can use this lesson again with the students who have already completed it. It has been amazing and powerful and is sure to be one of my all-time favorites. 

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