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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Out of the mouths of not-quite-babes

I serve many roles on my campus, one of which is to head up our Sunshine Committee. The purpose of the group is to help make lives a little brighter. 

At the moment, I have been taking up a secret collection to buy our new-this-year principal a birthday/end-of-semester/we-are-glad-to-have-you present. My students have seen my colleagues randomly handing me cash in the cafeteria, hallways, and my classroom. 

A minute ago, another teacher stopped by to bring me a few last minute dollars for the collection. My students began asking why other teachers are always giving me money. I told them I would leave it to their active imaginations rather than to explain. 

On that note, I bring you the top two explanations as to why I am the recipient of dollar bills:

  • Number 2 - Ms. Foti is a crack dealer, and the other teachers are making their purchases from me. Obviously, Ms. Foti does not smoke it herself, but some of the others might.
  • Number 1: Ms. Foti forces her co-workers to give her their lunch money in order to avoid being beaten up. 

Seriously, Winter Break, can you get here already?


  1. Very funny, and I suppose there are a slew of stories that never made it to your ears, too?
    I find my students are always curious about what we do when we slip out of our teacher role and become a human being again. The other day, my son's school closed due to heating problems and I needed to figure out where he now was, so I pulled out my phone right at the start of class and texted her. A student looked over my shoulder -- not at the text but at the phone.
    "Wow, Mr. H, I would have thought you of all people would have the latest iPhone or something," he said, pointing to my phone. "Not that kind."
    So much for being the hip tech teacher ...
    PS - thanks for the post. I am doing a 50 comments at 50 blogs over 50 days #nerdlution.

  2. Oddly, my students know that I am very anti-drug and violence. I am the preacher of tolerance and acceptance of all people.

    And unlike you, I have the cool phone! :)