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Monday, February 24, 2014

Vocabulary Collectors: Day 2 - Moving beyond definitions

Last week, as we continued through our practice round of vocabulary collecting, I moved beyond definitions and brief products to synthesis. And boy, did my kids groan. In my world, groaning equals "I ROCK!"

Each class group was working together to decide which class and which term they wanted to use (and this backfired on them in the end). We went through the vocabulary collection process in I do/We do/You do fashion. They insisted they had the hang of it after three words. 

That's when I slammed them with this: Ok, if you have it, show it. I want you to write a five sentence story using the three words your class came up with. 

They were not happy with me, but they did it, and they did it well. Not every paragraph made the most sense, but is was a bit difficult to make some of the words work together. 

The samples below are from different classes, so you will see different words used. 

This week, the kids are on their own. I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

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