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Monday, February 17, 2014

Vocabulary Collectors

Once again, Corbett Harrison has inspired me. This time, he suckered me in with his Vocabulary Collectors ideas and examples

I have modified this for the needs of my students. My school is working hard on promoting academic vocabulary, so I have designed my lesson to include words from the four core classes. I have also focused on products that should be review activities for my students. 

In my presentation, I have used a variation of our last vocabulary routine word, regress. I also created an example of each of the products that I will post on our student webpage for their access. I am looking forward to having their work to use as examples in the future. 

Testing season is creeping up. I am hoping that this activity might help them digest some needed vocabulary over the next couple of months. I will need to display these, and I am going to try out some activities (TBD from my recent word wall training) using the words that are posted. 

Here ya go:

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