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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When your student teacher has control

Today my student teacher prepared and delivered a lesson. In order to set the class up as hers, I told the kids that I was sitting back and observing, a.k.a., keeping my mouth shut. They laughed at me. They LAUGHED at me. They said there was no way I could keep my mouth shut the entire class period. 

It was my intention to keep my mouth shut, but they started taunting me from the sidelines. 

Read these in a mocking tone:

  • "Ms. Garcia, class goes so much faster when you teach."
  • "Ms. Garcia, I wish you could be our teacher forever."
  • "Ms. Garcia, I rate you much higher than Ms. Foti."
  • "Ms. Garcia, you are by far my favorite teacher." 
At the end of class, I finally had my moment of retaliation. I growled, "I emailed your parents, and I'm blogging about you! Take that!"

They told me I am being vindictive. 

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