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Friday, November 11, 2016

"But she isn't you!"

This week, I transitioned out of the English classroom and into the AVID classroom. I do have some of my former English students in AVID, so I have been able to keep tabs on them.

Today I asked one of my students (former English/current AVID) how things are going upstairs this week with the new English teacher. This was her response in regard to the new teacher:
  • too tall (I am only 5'3 1/2" on a good day)
  • too not-Italian (we talk about culture a lot)
  • too not from New York (I am a transplant)
  • too black hair and not enough blond hair
  •  too new (I am pretty old at this point)
  • too much brown eye and not enough blue
I know that all of the kids are going to be fine in a few weeks, and this conversation will have no meaning anymore, but I thought it was pretty funny - especially when there is no focus on the teaching. It is definitely a memory to cherish. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kirsten -

    Those are some interesting (and unexpected) responses to your question.

    It is obvious that they definitely miss you!