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Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Are you driving your teacher crazy?: What the kids had to say

I am posting some of my favorite pieces from my student writing assignments for "Are you driving your teacher crazy?"

Why yes. I DO have this student.

This one is actually about the group member of the author. I am constantly telling her to stop reading. Such an awful thing do to as an English teacher. 

Such violence!

I got a few of these that state the teacher will dislike a student
for sharpening pencils during instruction. Dislike?

The student who wrote this actually wrote it about a friend of his who truly drives me bonkers. 
What is it with my girls and Starbucks this year? My own daughter is just as bad. 
No comment. 
Do not use the & symbol.
If you are going to use the word pissed, spell it correctly.
Better yet, don't use it!
Side note: I got numerous entries about putting makeup on. Interesting. 

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