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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Humility or humiliation? Part 1

Despite what my friends and colleagues may believe, I embarrass quite easily, particularly when doing something by choice: singing my "best" for Teacher Idol, trying to do the Charlie Brown dance at an anti-drug rally, being a cheerleader for a teacher/student basketball game. Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do when I know it is going to cause me such mental anguish. It never takes long to remember that I do it for the knuckleheads because I love them. [I wish someone had warned me about that nonsense before I started teaching.]

Last October, I got a phone call to participate in a pep rally obstacle course for our Homecoming football game just a few hours before it occurred. Although I jumped on board, I was not prepared with adequate attire for this venture (ya hearin' me, ladies?). But I still got out there and made a fool of myself, throwing a football, running backwards - coming in last! 

I suppose my willingness to act-a-fool is what has roped me back into another pep rally. I have no idea what to expect with tomorrow's obstacle course, but fortunately, I was given a 24-hour notice to prepare myself - and by prepare myself, I mean bring the sports bra! 

Stay turned for all the exciting details of tomorrow's humiliation. 

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