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Saturday, October 26, 2013

What modeling writing ends up looking like in my classroom

Pardon my braggadocio, but I have really good rapport with my students. That characteristic is not always a positive, but it does allow me to be a bit zany with my examples (maybe more than a bit). It is really important to model skills with students. I know not all teachers are comfortable being goofy in the classroom, but that has been my style since (almost) day one. I had another example about my true first fear, but they this one was much more effective for teaching. 

This is one of the writing samples I produced for our personal narrative about fears:

We were working on elaborating and clarifying with sentence stems from Academic Conversations by Jeff Zwiers. 

I turned 40 right before school started this year.
One of my students told me,
"But I thought you were 48."
It is now a running class joke. 

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