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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Humility or Humiliation? Part 2

1:26 P.M.: The countdown has begun. In less than two hours, I will be making a fool of myself on the football field, solely for the pure entertainment of the children. I am a bit more nervous than anticipated, probably because I received a message a few hours ago telling me what exactly I will be doing:

1. 10 yards of high knees over the tires.

2. 10 Zig Zag through the dummies.

3. Last 10 yards sprint to the line. 
  4. Then throw the football at the dummy. Retrieve the ball and then return through the obstacle course. YOU MUST HIT THE DUMMY WITH THE FOOTBALL BEFORE YOU RETURN THROUGH THE OBSTACLE COURSE. 

5. Do the course in reverse to cross the line you started. 

Seriously?!?!?!?! Are these people crazy? I can handle 1, 2, and 3, but I might be stuck on number 4 for awhile.

To be continued...


2:35 P.M.: I heard it's hot outside. What if I have heat stroke?


3:02 P.M.: Gettin' my mean-mug on for the competition. If this is the same face I use in class, I now understand why they never take me seriously. 


6:10 P.M.: I survived Pep Rally 2013!

All the mean-muggin' practice was wasted. Last year, the obstacle course was teacher versus teacher. This year, it was teachers versus students. Do I need to tell ya that the teachers won?

Ok, so we cheated a little. There were nine of us. I think there were ten of them. I did not quite hit the dummy with the thrown football (it was close). Someone may not have run through all the big football thingies. In our defense, kids cheat all the time. When do we ever get a chance? 

So what was the final student response to my lunacy, you ask? 

"Ms. Foti, you run funny!"

Can someone please remind me why I do this? 

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