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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seriously? Am I speaking English?

I am having one of those days when nothing makes sense to my students. I am modeling, explaining, explaining some more, modeling some more, and explaining again. Then when I ask if there are any questions, I am being asked the same things I just went over. 

Sometimes I know it is me. I can acknowledge when I am not making sense. I am not above my own self in this regard. But today, I really feel like it is not me. 

"Stop. Put your papers down," I demanded of my second class of the day. We are working on elaboration and clarification, and I had determined that I was not elaborating and clarifying enough. 

"Help me help you," I pleaded." I must not be explaining something well if two classes have not understood me. I am missing a step on my end."

Good teacher move, right? I am putting my guard down and letting them know that I am not perfect, expecting lots of questions from the minions. 

"No, Miss. You explained it right."

Seriously? Now I am confused. Does someone have a wall into which I may bang my head?

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