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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Applying the Instructional Model: Part 2

I have spent the past few hours reading from two different books:

There is a great deal of crossover between the two, and my mind is racing with more information and ideas than I can keep up with - unless I start writing some things down, of course. 

One of my weak areas is student self-assessment. I never feel like I have any very good ideas for this, but I ran across one in tonight's reading. We write learning logs on occasion, but the kids never really figure out what I want them to write about or how to write it (guess this is another weakness in my explicit teaching). 

In Classroom Assessment, there are briefs from teachers about how they have applied the methods within. One teacher, Kristen Gillespie, has put together a method of self-assessment that I can definitely work with and will be applying next week. 

I will be hanging three poster boards up on the wall:  

Each student will receive a sticky note with each class receiving a different color. Rather than putting their names on the notes like Gillespie does, I am going to have them draw a symbol that represents them on the front and put their name on the back. As we move through a lesson, the students will post and/or move the notes, allowing me to assess their learning and modify my teaching as needed. 

I believe that if my district is going to pay for this training, it is my responsibility to study the material and apply it. I am jumping in head first. 

As always, more to come...

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