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Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun Friday: Playing with our new Ipads

As part of the Texas Literacy Initiative, my school received two carts of brand new Ipads. The carts had been in my room for a few days, but my students did not notice. They were a bit surprised when I said we were going to be getting them out. Then they were a bit disappointed when I said we were going to be playing word games. 

Despite their initial thinking, the word games were a hit. I gave them a list of apps to choose from, and each class seemed to have its own favorite. I expected groans, and lots of this is boring. Instead, I saw students working together to figure things out. They asked questions when they were stuck. They told me they learned things. I was really impressed, and I am excited to do this again. 

The choices (we used the free versions of all apps):
  • RhymieStymie - determine a set of synonyms that rhyme together
  • This is to That - solve analogies
  • Get+Together - figure out compound words based on clues and pictures (this one was really good for my ELLS)
  • Grading Game - find all of the errors in a paper or be fired
  • Idiom Stories - What does the idiom mean? (another good one for my ELLs)
  • Word Stack - put together words by association

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