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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bookaday: Graphic Novels (Fangbone)

For my #bookaday selections, I generally read children's trade books. I have been getting some good teaching ideas - inference, plot, Notice & Note signposts, allusion, alliteration. It's all there. 

During my Friday afternoon visit to the library, I decided to venture into unknown genre territory: the graphic novel. Generally, there is nothing that appeals to me about a graphic novel - other than being able to get my daughter to read one on occasion. But I feel it is my duty (insert dramatic music here) to explore and learn as much as possible. 

This weekend, I met Fangbone. Fangbone is a child warrior from another planet. He is sent to Earth with a precious artifact (an alien toe) that he must keep hidden to prevent the reassembly of a vicious villain. Armed with sword, I found Fangbone to be a bit of a child-like version of Thor. Thor is far from being my favorite superhero, but kids like him.

Although I cannot say this graphic novel has converted me into a fan, I do see value in this particular series. Fangbone is a dream book for a little boy. In addition to being the tale of an unlikely hero, the story is filled with boogers, farting, a clueless teacher, sound effects, and all around silliness. Yeah, even I giggled. 

I am giving this one my stamp of approval, especially for resistant young male readers. 

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