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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Day in the Life...

3:45 AM: "Minnie, stop barking! It's not time to get up."

4:00 AM: "Grrr! I'm up. Stop barking!"

4:05 AM: Feed cats. Take dogs out. Feed dogs. Throw in a load of laundry. Breathe deep. 

4:30 AM: Time to workout. 

6:00 AM: Get seventh grade daughter out of bed to finish math review. Shower, iron, eat, vitamins and medicines, hair, teeth, makeup, shoes. 

7:40 AM: Take daughter to Starbucks due to big fight last night. Get her to school for math tutoring before the big math test today. 

8:10 AM: Sign in at school. Get classroom set up today's computer test. 

8: 20 AM: Text 19-year old son with chores for the day that he will not bother to do anyway because he is nineteen, and I can't believe I was ever as awful as he is. 

8:45 AM: Hall duty. "Where is your ID??????"

9:00 AM: Parent conference. "Haven't I said all of this before?"

9:43 AM - 3:07 PM: Teach. Diet Coke. Teach. Diet Coke. Teach. Diet Coke. Teach. Lunch. Teach. Diet Coke. Teach. Do all of this while answering emails and phone calls, grading papers (if possible), monitoring the test, recording data. 

3:15 PM: BREATHE! Run to meeting. 

3:55 PM: Pack up a gazillion things to take home that I may or may not get to. 

4:45 PM: Grade papers in car while waiting for daughter to get out of basketball practice. 

5: 38 PM: Get daughter. Run home. Take dogs out. Feed dogs. Feed cats. Cram massive amounts of food into mouth so that I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to workout. Make a cup of tea that I will forget about and never drink. 

6:12 PM: Homework. Grade. Lessons. Blog. Pretend to watch TV. Take dogs out. Bring dogs in. Take dogs out. Bring dogs in. Answer Kik messages about homework. 

7:22 PM: "Is it too early to go to bed?"

7: 25 PM: "Seriously, can I go to bed?"

7:45 PM: "Oh my Bob! I really need to go to bed."

8:00 PM: "Forget this. I am going to bed." Kennel dogs. Take medicine. Read two pages in a book I really want to read but am too tired to read. Set music to play me to sleep. 

8:25 PM: Text daughter upstairs to request that music be turned down. Wonder what time son is actually going to bother coming home tonight. 

8: 45 PM: Ah, sleep. 

10: 11 PM: Awake. Reset music. 

1:32 AM: Wake up thinking about school and students and daughter and son and dishes and laundry and this and that. 

3:45 AM: "Minnie, stop barking! It's not time to get up."

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