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Friday, November 1, 2013

I drink Diet Coke for you!

Hi. My name is Kirsten, and I'm a Diet Coke-aholic. Don't act like you don't have issues! Pshaw!

All right, it is an issue for me, but as an adult with ADHD, I prefer to be heavily caffeinated rather than pumping any more prescription medications into my body than I already do (because, of course, I would develop severe hormonal imbalances at 36). And despite the preferences of most, I actually like the taste. 

So why in the world am I blogging about Diet Coke? Despite drinking this hideous monstrosity for the past twenty years, I only recently starting using My Coke Rewards. I knew about Coke points, but I never bothered to look into what they could be used for. Lo and behold, you can order magazines with Coke points. 

In an effort to promote literacy in the classroom, I am kindly donating my Coke points to my classroom. I am currently waiting for my first issue of Seventeen to arrive, and in just a couple of weeks, I should have enough points for Car & Driver

Now, when my students gripe about my one (there may be more, but let's play pretend today) bad habit, my response is, "I drink Diet Coke for you!"

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