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Monday, November 4, 2013

Plot Analysis - Student Samples

Oh, note taking, how I dislike you sometimes. I look at some of these notes and wonder what goes on in the heads of my students during class. BUT, they all got it. I just wish every paper could look like the last sample I posted. Is this a consequence for too much focus on standardized testing, or are they truly apathetic about their educations? 

With our plot lesson for "The Tell-Tale Heart," we worked on two strategies: Cornell notes for notes and BME for writing fiction summaries. We talk a lot about strategies because I want them to have a brain full of tools that can carry over to other lessons. When we isolate a strategy to a particular lesson, kids do not always realize that there are skills that can be used in other lessons. They need to understand how to transfer information. These strategies can be. 

Overall, the lesson actually worked out much better than I anticipated. The kids were hooked from the second they saw the dancing H&R guy. 

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