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Monday, November 4, 2013

I finally finished a book!

As an overachieving teacher, I read a lot of young adult literature. I like to be able to share books with my students. Today I have been talking to them about Aprilynne Pike's Earthbound. 

I am already a fan of Pike's Wings series (I still have one left. Shhhh!), so I was excited to see a new book by her. The Wings series is fast-paced and engaging - and makes me want to be a fairy. Total adult escapism into a teenage make-believe world. 

Like Wings, Earthbound is fast-paced and engaging. The best thing about this book is that it never gives away too much too soon. This was a dream book for making inferences. I was making predictions galore, only a few of which I was even close to being on target with. Having read so much YA literature at this point, finding a book that surprises me is like finding buried treasure. I was quite pleased with the direction that was taken. I could have done without so much of the lovey-dovey stuff, but in the end, it showed that there was a purpose to it. 

Other YA lit. readers out there, I recommend this one. Read it, and pass it along to your students. 

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